Kit Kat Romania Teases Android 4.4, Release Just Around The Corner?


android kitkat teaserGuess what? Kit Kat has posted a teaser of the new Android 4.4 release on the official Kit Kat Romania Facebook page, which makes us think the official announcement is just around the corner just like previous rumors suggested. And, here’s the statement of Kit Kat Romania translated in English:

We are looking forward to the new and tasty technology in mobile breaks. Curious what goodies will include Android KitKat?

We are really curious what changes will the new Android version include, apart from those that we already know, like the revised UI, new dialer and launcher and printer support. Speaking of announcements, don’t forget that the Nexus 5 will steal a good part of the show, and we may even see the announcement of a revised Nexus 10 tablet.

Exciting times are ahead of us, people! It’s up to Google now to deliver the expectations of the ever-growing Android community that is impatiently waiting for the official announcement.

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