Google Watch codename ‘Nexus Gem’ rumoured with Kit Kat and Google Now functionality


Google watch

It seems that everyone needs a watch linked to their phones now days ,or at least that’s what the major phone manufacturers want you to think, according to the rumour mill. Once again, rumours have surfaced about a possibility that Google will release a Google Watch with the launch of Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS.

The rumour comes from, where the source, reportedly with Google, states that the watch could come as part of the Kit Kat launch with a rumoured date of 31 st October. This conflicts with previous reports saying Kit Kat could come as soon as tomorrow (15 October), although was supported by the comment from the Google source that Kit Kat would come “Sooner rather than later”.

The watch is said to be “heavy in Kit Kat and Google Now” functions. Although we don’t know exactly what Kit Kat functions could be, we can imagine what a Google Now watch would do. Other than show time and date, it could show next appointment, weather forecast, local interests, train times (when near the appropriate location), SMS’s and missed calls and maybe even turn-by-turn directions (I’m not thinking maps, rather arrows and street names with distances?).

The watch is rumoured to have Bluetooth 4 and Google Engineers are working hard on having a long battery life from the watch, but there were no further details on what other sensors the watch would have.

Personally, I think of the old iPod Nano 6th Generation, the one which was about an inch square and lost lot’s of features but showed what a future (and rumoured) Apple Watch could look like. Imagine that with a Google Now utility, and that’s more or less what I imagine Google Watch to be.

In all honesty though, is it needed, or is it just another piece of tech for the sake of sales? Samsung Electronics has already released their Samsung Galaxy Gear which came free with new Galaxy Note 3’s last month, but otherwise will sell at $299 (£186.86 or €220.15) which is a considerable amount of money to spend on a watch.  Sony also has released a smart watch, which doesn’t appear in many shops. Then you have the Pebble, a Kickstarter campaign which has been very successful. So how will Google fair? I think it would have to have a low enough price to make it inviting and profitable with features that make it worth the money invested. Only time will tell how it prospers.