Purported Samsung Galaxy Round SM-G910S press shots surface


Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung is definitely going to launch a smartphone with a curved display by the end of 2013, but whether it has a flexible display or not, I’m not so sure anymore. Why?

Well, because famous @evleaks tweeted a couple of photos that shows what he claim it is the Samsung SM-G910S “strictly a Korean curiosity, for now,” and it clearly looks like the curved smartphone Samsung exec described in words not to long ago during Samsung Galaxy Note 3 official launch in South Korea.

How the heck will one swipe on a curved display if the screen aint flexible to stretch it until swiping becomes possible?

Design wise, SM-G910S looks a lot like a Galaxy S4, but curved. These press images also hint at SK Telecom carrier and LTE-A (LTE Advanced) technology support, which smells all over like theĀ Samsung Galaxy Round. The rumours also point to a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 5 inch 1080p screen and Android 4.3 (Jellybean).

What do you folks think about this strangely curved device?