MyColorScreen launches Themer, a customization made easy app for Android



Those who are into Android OS customization, I am certain that know or have stumbled upon ‘My Color Screen’ project / website, a community where Android users share their own phone or tablet customization.

My Color Screen just launched an app called “Themer”, which is a nice Android device personalization & customization application, which will make your device user interface look more stylish, more functional and much more beautiful with some great custom themes. This app is so easy to use that will almost do everything for you making your Android UI look stylish and beautiful.

The app is currently in beta stage and needs activation code to get started. The user interface of this app is very appealing and user-friendly as  you don’t need to do much, because Themer does all the hard work for you, setting up wallpapers, widgets, icons, etc. The user has only to select a theme from the list of themes available and click apply to get everything done.

Themer is a free of cost app available now on Google Play store, however it is in beta stage and would require the code to get your hands on. We will notify you with all the news and updates when it will be live for public.