Android in October: Jelly Bean now powers almost half of all devices



The last couple of months have been a turmoil for previous releases of Android; with the long outdated pre-Froyo versions being effectively terminated and squashed from the official Android developer dashboard.

The latest statistics gathered during a 7-day period ending on October 2, 2013 revealed that the three versions of Android (4.1.x, 4.2.x and 4.3) achieved a whopping 48.6% of the userbase. Android 4.3 also made its first appearance on the dashboard with its almost insignificant 1.5% mark.

statistics sep 2013

In the meantime older releases like Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread continued their steady decline as more users are being offered the Jelly Bean treat with numerous firmware upgrades for several devices.

Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0-4.0.4 dropped to a meager 20.6% from last month’s 21.7% while the long forgotten Gingerbread slipped to 28.5% down from 30.7% in August.

The three flavors of Jelly Bean are expect to break the 50% ceiling in the upcoming months as its latest version (4.3) goes mainstream. Let’s not forget that devices like the HTC One are being readied for the 4.3 upgrade while others like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note II are expected to receive the upgrade in the coming weeks.