Android Manufacturers Cheating on Benchmarks


antutu-lg-optimus-g2It’s a known fact that most of the Android OEMs implement some little tricks to boost the benchmark scores of their devices. They do it every time, with every new flagship device. And yes, the list of manufacturers doing this includes Samsung, HTC, Asus, LG and many others.

AnandTech has compiled a nice report emphasizing which devices include specific performance boosts for which benchmarking apps. As expected, the Galaxy Note 3, LG G2, Galaxy S4 and HTC One are all included, all optimized for different benchmarking apps. The Galaxy smartphones shine in the list, being optimized for almost every one of the popular testers. This all explains the inconsistency in results when comparing two devices. For one, the Asus Padfone Infinity manages to beat the LG G2 in GLBenchmark 2.7, but the G2 sweeps the floor with it in any other benchmark.

What’s more unfortunate, though, that these optimizations bring very minimal benefits to the real-life usage, if any. The scores without those silly tweaks are just marginally weaker than the optimized ones – the difference is only ~5%, which hardly makes any difference to even the non-tech-savvy person.

It is questionable whether the OEMs will stop with the nonsense, or they will continue rigging the benchmarking apps and reducing their credibility. As unfortunate as it is, our guesses point to the latter.

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