Galaxy S4 lockscreen cloned and launched as an app on Play Store


s4 lockscreen app store

TouchWiz and all the associated Samsung customization may not please everything but there are still a handful of users who still prefer a branded UI manufacturer experience.

It happens that the Galaxy S4 lockscreen was publish yesterday on the Play Store in the form of an unofficial clone (A ‘high imitation’ as the developer quotes). The Chinese developer managed to incorporate most (if not all) TouchWiz lockscreen features into the application and it works as advertised.

It may not be the real deal but it definitely manages to deliver an identical experience, from the ripple and light effects to app shortcuts. Animations are lag-free and provide the same eye candy that one would expect with the real thing. It also allows you to customize and set your own ink colors, fonts and carrier information.

This app is definitely worth the shot if you’re fond of Samsung’s lockscreen, grab it below:

Galaxy S4 lockscreen on Google Play

Be wary that the app is ad supported so expect some pop-ups and ads at the bottom.