Moto DVX spotted at FCC, a cheaper Moto X?


Moto DVX

After a long period of inactivity, Motorola introduced a new line of smartphones this year (2013), including the new flagship smartphone Moto X and the Droid Ultra Series.

Motorola will also launch an entry-level handset dubbed Moto DVX, which inherits Moto X design, according to a couple of photos that have recently leaked online from the FCC, showing the Black colored back and front of the device, and some shots coming from Asia revealing the Pink and Lime Green back covers sitting on top of the Black cover, which tells us that it will probably be available in several other colours just like Moto X.

We do not hold any information regarding the timing of its release, nor any details about its price tag, but what we do know is that it will be available through some US carriers.

Moto-DVX-colored-back Moto-DVX-colors