Daily Android App: Shifu: To Do & Task Manager


Task Manager

Task Manager and To Do Android application.

Shifu is not just your ordinary task manager and to do list reminder. Yes, its roots lie in the concept of those simple tasks, but Shifu is one of the smartest task organizers around, because of its ability to literally keep track of every thing you need to do at a specific moment of time, at a specific day, on a specific occasion.

This is a brilliant piece of work: we’ve never seen anything like it before! By keeping track of your phone activities or of an already-set parameters, Shifu cleverly reminds you of a task that’s needed to be done, based either on occurrence of a specific event (like calling a friend or turning on your phone’s WiFi on), on your current location (it’s obtained either by GPS or by WiFi IP address) or on an occasion when you have some more free time than usual.

At first launch you are prompted to sign in with an existing Google or Facebook account in order to use the Android app. This process is easy and can be done in just a couple of seconds.

Screenshot_2013-09-27-12-43-52To start using Shifu, the user also needs to get familiar with the user interface and the app itself (the way it works, discover all or nearly all of the options it provides etc.). The developers have taken care of that as well, providing a quick and friendly guide right after the user account is configured.

Screenshot_2013-09-27-12-45-20The user interface itself is very simple, provided that there are only three or four clickable buttons on the screen. UI navigation is done by taps and gestures which are easy to remember. The creators also made sure the app fits Google’s standards in terms of UI design: the app unmistakably fits the Holo design language. We quite like the user interface on its own: navigation is fast and easy, animations occur without any hiccups whatsoever and everything can be done in a matter of seconds, even setting a new reminder.


In order to set a reminder, a couple of simple criteria are needed to be fulfilled in order for it to show up at the correct time. As it is mentioned above, reminders can pop up whenever a task is completed, whenever you show up at a certain place, call somebody or just remind you at a specified time. Setting up a reminder could never been easier.

Screenshot_2013-09-27-12-48-25Last, but not least, Shifu also comes with quite a nifty feature of its own. With the help of a live wallpaper, it’s possible to set up reminders or interact with the app right from your home screen by using swipes! Sounds cool, but in person it’s even cooler! It does not change the current wallpaper you are using, though, as long as it’s not a live wallpaper that’s been previously set up.