Samsung allegedly working on ‘Super-Premium Galaxy F’ lineup


Galaxy F_banner_design2Samsung sent shockwaves throughout the smartphone industry when it first unveiled the Galaxy S lineup. – That same product line which would eventually help the South Korean giant extend its realm over the Android arena.

With each new year came a new Galaxy S and its countless variants; being well received and breaking record sales as usual, despite several tech pundits denigrating the series due to Samsung’s strict adoption of plastic materials in the construction of their devices.

Galaxy S EvolutionThis has nevertheless not hindered Samsung’s ability to gain more worldwide marketshare, toppling Nokia during the last couple of years to achieve supremacy. Yet something was missing, that ‘X factor’ that would ultimately give Samsung’s devices some sort of ‘premium feel’.

Well, that may change if a report from ETNews is to be trusted. – The source claims that Samsung is working on a ‘super-premium’ Galaxy F product line with the flagship smartphone dubbed ‘Galaxy F’.

From the next year,  “Galaxy Sx” may not be Samsung’s top of the line/flagship brand anymore.

Insiders close with the project assert that Samsung orignally planned two flagship products for 2013; Galaxy S’x’ and Note. – But that was seemingly not enough to keep with the recent trends in the smartphone industry, so they need another, even more premium device to keep up the pace. Which makes at least some sense.

The report claims that the Galaxy F product line will be launched early next year. The flagship device is set to feature a premium metal body and new sleek design. It will also come equipped with 8-core Exynos SoC (possibly with big.LITTLE MP enabled), and 16MP shooter with OIS. Samsung is still undecided about the screen size for the first Galaxy F but it could very likely end up in the 5.0-5.5 inch range.

via Unwired View