Daily Android App: “Chirp” for Android is here.



Chirp is now available for Android devices and it is an app created by Animal Systems that lets you share things using chirp sound. The application uses special birdsong to ‘chirp’ information over the air to your friends.

You can send your pictures, notes or link easily to multiple people who have the application already installed. It can also receive data via Sound. Chirp is a new system for connecting devices. It works by turning links into audio.

CEO & Founder of “Chirp” Patrick Bergel explains: “We make sharing one-button simple. Chirp is a way for users to share pictures and links with each other. Today Chirp is an app, but tomorrow will become a platform for other people to make new kinds of communication app, using all kinds of sound. Our mission? To teach the machines to sing.

This app delivers a new concept of sharing your data from your device and it sounds interesting too, so I recommend you to download this app from Google Play for free and try it. This release for Android runs on all dual-core phones.