Sony posts ‘No more leakage’ rules inside its HQ [Breaking]



Like most of the mobile manufacturers today, Sony is also facing a serious problem when it comes to keeping in secret, all of its newly designed handhelds that are yet to be announced. You’re probably aware that none of the smartphones or tablets can be kept secret until they are officially unveiled by the OEM in fancy press events scheduled all over the world, and that’s because we are humans and we like sharing most of our “secrets.”

In an attempt to prevent such leakage, Sony Mobile posted an announcement ‘No more leakage’, in front of the elevator doors, inside its headquarters. The paper says CONFIDENTIAL and it is ment for its own employees.

The announcement comes with a set of “Do not” rules “Strictly follow prototype usage rules for confidential phones.”

– Do not use phones without protective covers

– Do not show phones to individuals outside of Sony Mobile (Unless NDA signed)

– Do not upload any pictures to social networks, public pages, etc.

– Do not user 3rd party benchmarking applications

I guess that didn’t last long, as the ‘No more leakage’ rules have also been leaked!