Sprint joins monthly device payment craze with One Up plan



Sprint is rolling up their sleeves to join the battle of the monthly phone device payment craze with their package called One Up.

This is set to rival AT &T Next, T-Mobile Jump and Verizon Edge.  Similar to these packages, One Up will allow customers to add the cost of their device to their monthly cellphone bill.

These programs essentially work the same, with minor differences.  With Sprint’s One Up, clients do not have to pay a deposit and pay for their instrument over a 24 month period.  Clients are able to opt out of the service early, and if they do so, they need to pay the balance of the device by the end of the following  month.  You will also be able to get a new device every year.  You will be able to pay for the device in 24 installments which will be added to your monthly bill.  You will also have the option to trade in your existing cellphone which will be offset against the cost of the new device.

Sprint One Up is to be launched on 20 September which is the same date as the launch of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.