Google Nexus 5 Clear Images Leak From FCC


Google Nexus 5

The next device in the Nexus series leaked through what seems to be another unfortunate (well fortunate for us) screw up. Known as the LG-D820 in official circles, leaked from what seems to be a mishap by LG or the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

You see when a device is made available to the masses, it goes through the FCC at the last-minute. So LG submitted a “class 2 permissive change” to the FCC for Verizon’s variant of the G2, known as the LG-VS980.The G2 launches on Big Red today,  hence the last minute submissions.But what appeared on FCCs website were not of the G2,but of the LG-D820 aka Google Nexus 5, complete with full view photos.

The photos match those of leaks which have been streaming through for the past couple of weeks, remember when Android 4.4 (KitKat) was being launched and a Nexus 5 was spotted? Yup,matches that too.

On the top left of the device is a camera lens with flash below.The Nexus branding can’t be seen here, though its common for devices sent to the FCC not to have such. According to the latest filings made to the FCC, the device is set to feature a 4.96-inch diagonal for display, with a length and width of 131.9 mm x 68.2 mm.