Motorola spends 3 times more money on manufacturing the Moto X in the US, than it would have in China



The contract manufacturer for the Moto X, Flextronics in Texas, has advised that labor costs for the instrument in the US is three times higher than in China.

Where the average wage in the US is $12-$14 per hour, in China they would pay $4 per hour.  IHS, a research firm envisaged an estimated cost of $12 for labour and assembly of device.   However, this extra wage cost is offset against the savings they make on shipping and logistics costs.

Moto X has used the US origins as a major selling point in their product.  However, interest in this device has been relatively subdued.   According to Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside, the factory is currently producing 100,000 Moto X units per week, but this is a fraction of the volume generated by flagship smartphone producers Samsung and Apple.

via TNW