Dryft typing on your tablet just got easier



Software Keyboards have been all the rage in recent times, as various keyboard apps step-up to try and mark their territory on your droid. For example the Minuum Keyboard app, TouchPal or Thumb Keyboard. One that has caught on quite nicely is Swype. Swype revolutionized typing on smartphones, and Dryft seeks to do just that, but on tablets.

One aspect that all these keyboard apps seem to pitch, is increased typing speed and Dryft seeks to give you that and more. Dryft, by the way, comes from one of the creators of Swype, Randy Marsden. Dryft strives to introduce a new typing experience on tablets like never before. It promises to deliver up to 80 words per minute speed wise.

Dryft unlike other keyboards, uses the accelerometer on your tablet device and recognizes the taps individually, letting you keep your wrists comfortably on the tablet. Thus with every stroke and continued use, it becomes more accurate, even adjusting when you are just resting your fingers on the screen. This allows users to rest their fingers on home row keys (J and F) before typing any letters.

Dryft should be ready by 2014 and by the looks of it, it might be to tablets what Swype is to smartphones, fun and easy to use. Caught your attention, yet? A beta sign-up has already gone live.