Seagate Announces 500GB Ultra Mobile HDD For Android Tablets


seagate hddSeagate, a famous hard drive maker, has spread the word that an ultra-small 500GB HDD for Android tablets has been produced. It’s quite an achievement, as it’s as small as a hard drive can get, plus it aims to solve the common shortages of memory, all at a lower price.

The Ultra Mobile HDD is designed especially for tablets, but it can also be used in laptops and ultrabooks. It’s miraculously thin at just 5mm, while its width tips at 69.85mm. It weighs 93 grams and can operate at maximum 400Gs. It uses the SATA 6GB/s interface, but allows maximum data transfer rate of 600 MB/s., which is not slow by any means.

Other extras include built-in zero-gravity sensors and rugged design, whose task is to prevent damage in any circumstances. For one, if the sensors detect that the tablet is in free fall, they will park the drive head, thus protecting your valuable memory.

Arguably the most attractive thing of this ultra-slim HDD is its price, making this device priced significantly lower than the 64GB flash memory units available in some current high-end smartphones and slates. Sounds exciting? But when should you expect the first tablet sporting a 500GB HDD? We hope it gets adopted in the next generation of Android tablets.