Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone Announced Packing NVIDIA Tegra 4 And MIUI V5


xiaomi mi3Xiaomi announced its new flagship, the Mi3. It’s a real powerhouse featuring the NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip, a nice stylish body and the home-brewed MIUI v5 operating system.

There have been only a few devices in total to import NVIDIA’s new chipset offering, and it is a pleasant surprise the Xiaomi Mi3 among them. It has an unique 72-core GPU setup and 4+1 CPU core configuration. It’s based on the fresh Cortex-A15 architecture, thus providing top performance. It also houses 2GB RAM, 13MP camera, 5-inch FullHD display and a huge 3050mAh battery. It’s built around an ultra-thin chassis, measuring only 8.1mm.

The software is a story of its own. We’re talking MIUI here, and it’s the latest v5 version that comes into play. It offers wide customization abilities across the whole system, while also covering some functionality gaps of the stock Android. It’s based on Android Jellybean, 4.2.2 to be more precise.

The Xiaomi Mi3 will be available soon for a ridiculously low price of 1999 Yuan, which converts into $325. We still don’t know details regarding worldwide availability of the device.