Android in September: Jelly Bean up 45%, Eclair and Donut vanish


Sep_statsAlmost half of the Android user-base is now running a flavor of Jelly Bean as of this month as Eclair and Donut vanish into the abyss.

The latest statistics from Google show Jelly Bean versions combined at 45% while Ice Cream Sandwich clocked up at just 21.7% of Google Play visits this past week, while Gingerbread snagged 30.7%.

Google also notes that releases older than Android 2.2 Froyo will not appear in the statistics, pointing out their incompatibility with the latest Google Play App. This essentially means that they’ve reached their end life support.

Honeycomb has all but vanished, accounting for less than 0.1% of devices, it’s safe to say that the remaining festering sore on Android’s record is Gingerbread compring 30.7% of all active users. It shouldn’t take very long for Jelly Bean to finally crush down its predecessor!