Google Confirms Next Android Version Will Be Android 4.4 KitKat


Android KitKat

The Android representatives and the head of Android and Chrome himself, Sundar Pichai, have just confirmed the next Android version named KitKat. It will carry the version number 4.4, which suggests it won’t be a major release after all.

It is clear that the next release was known as Key Lime Pie until now. The reason for the name change is that not so many people actually know the taste of the Key Lime Pie, while the KitKat treat is widely-spread. The name still sounds sweet though, and it will surely attract more candy lovers out there.

As for what’s coming in the new Android version, not much can be said on that topic. Google themselves said that ‘it’s their own goal to make Android an amazing experience available for everybody’, so our guesses point to the direction of expanding the Android ecosystem to even more gadgets, like gaming consoles, laptops and even house appliances.

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