Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch prototype leaked, launching September 4th


Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch curtain is about to be pulled come September 4th at the IFA in Berlin. What better way to stir up the path to the release date than a couple of leaks right before the official launch? Well here it is, VentureBeat sneaked the first look of the yet to be launched wearable tech-gadget that is more health biased. The leak is believed to be part of the prototypes that was on route to the developers  and a click of some of Samsung’s elite partners. As is a norm with the technology giant, the prototype is usually a little off from the final look of the gadget when unveiled-so expect a little change.

The prototype includes a 3-inch screen display that is touch enabled, a 4 megapixel camera in the strap, speakers in the clasp, WI-FI, Samsung S voice for commands as the gadget is believed to come without keyboard. Also bundled up will be social media apps as well as health and fitness apps that are believed to be the catch in this new model. It also comes with a 10+ hours of battery, a microphone and other speculations point out that the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch will come with Android 4.3 and run off a dual-core 1.5 GHz Exynos processor and also come coupled up with NFC.

Just to stress a little about the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch health features, it is said to support commands from the human wearer and have monitors to both the heart-rate and the overall calorie percentages. The device is expected to warn its users when the levels go beyond the normal variation range that is present in the gadget’s database. Users also have the option to take pictures of food and categorize it for later review. Well if u want to work out without the instructor this is the perfect gadget for you as the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear will be that companion you will need to device for the perfect workout — one of the first apps devised for the watch suggests workouts to help you lose weight, gain energy or tone up. The watch will also help you devise for instance, while you’re at the gym working out, the Smartwatch can track your health data, including steps, heart rate, calorie intake.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear  will be a smartphone companion, allowing the wristwatch to hook-up with any Android device via Bluetooth LE connectivity. It’s fully functional call log keeps all calls and notifications on phone available for view on the Samsung’s Smartwatch display.

The Smartwatch wars are just getting started with Samsung’s entry seen as a response to Sony’s problems of battery life and apps. The Smartwatch lead contender Pebble is proof that this is not yet the big “players” section but this may not be the case once Samsung unveils its device in a day’s time. Apple too is expected to bring a new angle to this “war”  with “iWatch” just but a speculation with little expected in leaks as a hired a team of 80 people are said to be working in secret at the Cupertino, Calif. headquarters. Keep it pocketdroid (dot) net for the updates