Daily Android Game: Sprinkle Islands



Sprinkle Islands is an award-winning puzzle game, where you take place as a fireman in order to save all of the islands from burning down. As a successor of the highly popular Sprinkle game, Sprinkle Islands combines realistic physics with challenging levels and incredible graphics in order to push the borders to a whole new level.

The plot takes place at four distinctive islands, which by some reason, are all on fire. You are in charge of extinguishing it in 48 intriguing levels while also taking care of the boss fights at the end of each island.


It sounds interesting on paper, but believe us: it’s even better when you actually start playing. Sprinkle Islands is so well-made, it highly contributes to the overall perception of it. Graphics are remarkably good and pleasant to the human eye, the audio effects are up there as well. Controls are simple and smart, enabling you to control your fire extinguisher with just a number of swipes and taps.


After each level, you are awarded some points and drops, which measure how efficiently you used your fixed amount of water in a level. Five drops are the maximum you can get, while no drops mean you definitely need to get better at the game, or just replay the level. Wasting too much water means game over.