Google Nexus 4 price sees a $100 cut down (US, UK and France)


Google Nexus 4 smartphone box

Both, the 8GB and the 16GB Google Nexus 4 sees a $100 cut down price in the U.S., United Kingdom and France, perhaps in preparation for the new Google Nexus 5 smartphone, which is expected to launch sometime in the following couple of months with Android 5.0 in tow.

If you’re still looking to buy a Nexus device, but at a much affordable price, now it would be a good time, because Google just listed the Nexus 4 8GB at $199 (down $100 from $299) and the 16GB at $249 ($349) on Google Play store.

Both Nexus 4 versions are available now, Google ships them within two business days.

source [US] | source2 [FR]