Minor Jelly Bean 4.1 firmware rolling out for the Xperia S, SL, Acro S



Things may not have been going smoothly with the Xperia S and its mostly bugged Android 4.1.2 upgrade. It was riddled with a variety of issues ranging from white balance problems to erratic and laggy 1080p recording. In fact the issues were so numerous that Sony was forced to issue a Jelly Bean bug fix update to the Xperia S just a few weeks after the initial Android 4.1 roll out!

Luckily, Sony had been cooking a new firmware with most (if not all) of those bugs ironed out. The company did indeed live up to its promise by tackling some of the lingering issues disgruntled owners have been seeing. The minor changes are most welcomed, we certainly expect this ‘fixed’ rom being more stable than the former.

The changelog is as follows:

  • Addressed an abnormality in the white balance
  • Improved the “Quick Launch” button functionality
  • Smoothed out (1080p) video recording, minimizing lag (doh!)
  • Streamlined Exchange Active Sync, particularly when running an encrypted set-up
  • Boosted connection stability for 2G network data
  • Ensured preferences on 3rd party apps remain after reboot – not a common problem, but we understand it can be a frustrating one!
  • introduced a home key long-press to launch Google Now, and a double-press to launch Recent Apps
  • made sure the volume “up” button is fully responsive

The global roll-out may depend upon your region & carrier so be sure to check for updates via OTA or using Sony’s PC companion.

Keep in mind that this firmware may well be among the last you’ll ever receive considering that the Xperia S is now deemed a legacy device. Chances that you’ll officially taste the third flavor of Jelly Bean (4.3) are dim as Qualcomm has reportedly not released their Snapdragon S3 SoC sources.

via Sony