Todoist For Android Receives Complete Makeover



Todoist for Android has just received a huge update, which not only adds a couple of new useful features, but it also makes the app itself easier, cleaner and more approachable.

Throughout the years, Todoist has established itself as one of the most powerful task managers available for Android. Combining the roles of a notepad, calendar and to do lists it’s a utility whose feature sheet can not be easily matched. Yet, the developers proved that even the greatest of the greatest can get even better.

Other than pushing the app version to 2.0, this update brings a big number of enhancements. The whole user interface has been overhauled, to begin with. It’s now in style with Google’s design language and features a smartly designed navigation drawer with cleverly mapped controls and a centralized inbox, which lets you create tasks even easier than before. The tasks are also neatly organized in sub-tasks and sub-events and those can be also easily accessed through the inbox.

It’s also important to mention that premium users now get a special treatment with some unique features, like simplified notes, many more powerful filters and the so-called flexible reminders.

And, of course, Todoist is nicely optimized to fit in every possible screen out there perfectly, no matter if it’s an ordinary smartphone we’re talking about, or a big-sized tablet.

If this was not enough to convince you of getting Todoist, head over to its official website for some more info, or visit it on the Play Store.