Sony Xperia Z1 teaser talks about the ‘Best of Sony’


Sony Xperia Z1 teaser

With less than two weeks away from Sony’s September 4th press conference, the Japanese vendor has started promoting Sony Xperia Z1 (known to us until recently as Sony i1 Honami) on all major social networks.

Sony refers to Sony Xperia Z1 as the “best of Sony” and why not, because just by looking at the rumored specs sheet, you’ll find out that it packs pretty much everything high-end available on the market today, including Qualcomm’s latest chipset — Snapdragon 800, latest Triluminos screen technology, 20 megapixels camera lens and the latest Android operating system.

Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami) inherits Sony Xperia Z’s design and coating protection against water and dust.

There are also rumors about Sony working on a smaller version of this smartphone called Sony Xperia Z1 mini (codename Ray 3), which we probabluy wont see at IFA 2013, but sometime by the end of 2013.

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