YouTube For Android Updated To Version 5.0.21, Here Are Our First Impressions



The official YouTube Android app has received a major update right from the Google labs. Pushing the app version to 5.0.21, the update brings a massive UI overhaul to the scene, a couple of great new intuitive features and some other fixes and enhancements.

The new user interface represents Google’s latest design language and while it does not differ by much from the previous release, it makes a clear point that the developers have been kept busy for quite a while. Videos are now shown in a card-like interface, which reminds us of the other Google-developed apps, primarily Google Now and the official Google+ Android app.

A clean swipe and drag from the leftmost part of the screen shows up the other popular sub-menus, just like in the previous version of the app. However, this time they are clearly hidden from the main menu, thus giving the app a cleaner design. From here, you can browse your uploads, subscriptions, favorites and many other videos and playlists.