Samsung Galaxy Gear Android watch to hit the stores shortly


Android watch

Samsung is frantically preparing to launch a Android watch next month that can: make phone calls, play video games and send emails, beating Apple to market a new invention that will turn communication in a completely new direction beyond the current smartphone.

The date earmarked for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, as it will be known, is at the electronics industry fair to be held in Berlin as from 6 September.  This is news from a source that has been briefed.

There is a media event that was scheduled by Samsung for the 4 September, and it is here it is believed, that the Note III “phablet” – cross between a phone and a tablet – will be introduced.

Our source, who must remain anonymous due to speaking without authorization, advised that the commercial launch will be in 2013 for sure!

Sony has recently introduced second-generation version of its smart watch.  This “works in conjunction with a smartphone in the user’s pocket.  The Pebble watch and the I’m Watch have also been sold for some time.  Apple is said to be working on its own wrist-worn device.  So the Galaxy Gear will not be the first Android watch phone on the market”.

In 1999 Samsung introduced their first watch phone but this market still remains hugely underdeveloped as consumers have not bought into this invention.

Analysts are positive that things will be changing as the two giants in smartphone-manufacturing, Apple and Samsung have both turned their attention to this business.

There is a prediction that 2014 will see five million smart watches sold as per research firm Canalys.  They predict that these watches will go on to become the most important new product category in consumer electronics since the iPad which defined the tablet market.

Our source says that the Galaxy Gear will probably be less innovative than some of the rumours may have suggested because it will not have a flexible screen as some had expected.

SamMobile, a Samsung fan site, was the first to advise of the Galaxy Gear.  In the meantime, Bloomberg has also confirmed the September 4th unveiling and these rumors are gaining momentum.

Hardware details from various sources suggest a Samsung Exynos dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and a 320×320 resolution display.  There are also suggestions of a 1.1-inch screen that straps to your wrist.

Furthermore, it is said the Galaxy Gear will not be a “smartphone-like watch” and will not be able to make calls, it will serve to enhance the Galaxy device that you already have.

It is believed that “the strap of the watch will have a 2MP camera integrated” and “speakers integrated into the clasps”.  “NFC will enable Samsung Beam for authentication methods, along with additional sharing capabilities.  “A built-in accelerometer will know when the watch is flicked in a manor “ that could indicate that you are looking at it, and thus activate the display for you whilst acting as a battery-saving feature.

Additional features are said to be calories-tracking, heart rate and everything like the Nike Fuel band and similar gadgets.  This Android watch endeavors to be everything to everybody, but yet stylish.

It is rumored that this device will have only a Samsung App Store and it will work closely with other Samsung products.  “Emails, messaging, Facebook, Twitter (installed at launch), and more will all sync using Samsung’s proprietary protocols”.  So for instance, if you have only managed to read a part of an email on your watch, it will sync with your Galaxy tablet and you can continue reading on your tablet from where you have left off on your watch.

We will keep leaking new information as we get it, but in the meantime, Samsung has declined to comment.