Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover Review


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover is the official Samsung protective case for the 8 inch tablet with a S Pen, and we will be reviewing it in the following minutes. But before going into the actual review, we want to take this opportunity to thank our partners at GearZap.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover is available in several colours (black, ruby-red, lime), including the white version, which we are reviewing today.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8-0-Book-Cover-White (1)

This particular Galaxy Note 8.0┬ácover is a flip cover at its roots, but it is also a case and a stand for the tablet, it is made out of plastic material (Samsung’s standard poly carbonate used on all of its products). The case has a good grip while holding it, and that’s because it comes with an interesting coated texture, unlike Galaxy Note 8.0’s glossy but slippery housing.

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On the inside, the book cover comes with a layer of velvet-like (maybe felt) material that protects the screen and the backside from scratching. The flip cover part comes with an integrated magnet which allows it to put the tablet on standby or wake it when opened.

The same flip part of the book cover can be utilised as a stand for the Galaxy Note 8.0 which offers two standing positions (pretty much like an Apple iPad’s smart case).

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