Daily Android Game: Color The World



Color The World is a challenging puzzle game, in which you need to color up all of the world around you in an exciting new way. It’s hardly the most popular game out there, but it’s still a worthy title that needs to be checked out.

Color The World is a very nice puzzle game indeed, with many levels and different elements baked into them, just like you would expect. The title is somewhat misleading, though, as some newcomers might think it’s a kid’s drawing app when they are dealing with a complete opposite.


There are many levels in this game, and when we say it we mean it: Color The World is just huge! With numerous puzzles taking place in 6 of ¬†Earth’s 7 continents and the nearly-endless number of different countries, we guarantee you would be busy completing them all for ages. The game developer has also ensured you won’t be getting bored of it so easily: as you progress, new items, elements and environments pop up, just to keep the game as entertaining as it was on the first trial.