Egocentric attitude of CyanogenMod maintainer exposed


CM SADThe Cyanogenmod team have managed to surpass even themselves in misdirection and disorganization“, quotes a recognized developer on popular modding forum XDA. – The CyanogenMod team has been slapped in the face after the arrogant behavior of a certain maintainer who is continually favoring his arrogant personal opinions & preferences instead of truly listening to the community.

We don’t usually rant about anyone or any organization or any sort contributing to the Android ecosystem but we cannot simply let such acts go unnoticed, especially when there is a blatant abuse of power from some a so called CyanogenMod device ‘device maintainer’.

This particularly pompous maintainer (we won’t mention him here) is reportedly acting upon his own personal crusade to single-handedly tarnish and eliminate a whole bunch of features from the CM source; features that are otherwise deemed essential by the community.

CyanogenMod users may have been familiar with the device-specific features found under the ‘Advanced’ menu (aka DeviceParts) in System Settings, well if you’re by any chance using CM10.2 right you would have probably noticed that this has been completely stripped off. This decision was deliberately taken by this maintainer who for some reason can’t see the real purpose of that implementation which provided users the ability to fine-tune certain aspects of their devices.

Such features included backlight adjustments, vibration intensity, display saturation, network modes and the likes on several devices. I certainly miss some of additions on my Samsung device but the fact is that such cannot be reimplemented due to the removal of the code from the main CyanogenMod repo. Users are now the sole losers, being royally screwed with their ‘crippled’ builds of CM.

Here are some of his quotes:

There’s a difference between changing the devices, and putting DeviceParts in there. I hate the whole concept of DP, and will not deploy it into a device of mine; I am, however, willing to step down as mako’s maintainer if that becomes a problem.

It’s no secret that I have a very strong dislike for our current concept of “device parts” apps

Heh. Almost all of those are a examples of why DeviceParts should die. Kitchen sink much? Touch sensitivity, really? Just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should :P

Last but not least the CyanogenMod team is also allegedly trying to commercialize their ROM by licensing all new contributions as dual GPL in an attempt to ‘sell the rights to the open source code to third parties’. Even more shocking, one of the CM leading team member even tried to strong-arm a valued contributor into re-licensing his work. It seems that the CM team is seeking more secrecy as quoted below:

They are making every effort to be as closed as possible in their structure, and decision making processes. That means you, the user, are running code where the changes are arbitrarily decided with no input by yourself, beyond the “false” pretense of their gerrit instance.

With all this bigotry one can only wonder to what extent [some] CyanogenMod team members are willing to go to close off the true nature of that custom ROM. We can’t certainly judge the motives behind those actions but this cannot simply go unseen. A personal vengeance, an attempt to seal off portion of the code or simply a delusional maintainer? Who knows.. Spread the word.

We strongly believe that the CM team should consult the community developers before taking down any features, let along relying on the flawed perspectives of a single maintainer.

Don’t take my word for it, check the original post at xda forums