Travelling Tribal by Hellboy Studios coming September 30 (Trailer)


Travelling Tribal

Travelling Tribal developed by Hellboy Studios is a nice cartoon adventure game where the characters have to travel and face all sorts of dangers likeĀ jumbo sized bees, hungry sharks and the evil tribal twins, whose only goal seems to be eating him one way or another.

Travelling Tribal too has a few magic tricks up his sleeve. With magical spells that disappear bad guys and a secret inscription that allows ordinary leaves to float in the air! Help Travelling Tribal in his mysterious journey around the world, without becoming food!

Travelling Tribal is a 2D platform based game, pitting your skills and reactions to the toughest of tests.


  • Limitless endurance gameplay
  • Stunning 2D cartoon graphics & animation
  • Achievements
  • Highly polished
  • Will be available in English and Korean initially