HP Slate 8 Pro (Bodhi) shows up in GFX Bench, NVIDIA Tegra 4 inside



A new NVIDIA Tegra 4 powered device called the HP Slate 8 Pro showed up on the GFX Bench site, hitting an impressive 972 frames on the graphics score list. Going by the codename “Bodhi” this new device seems to be a replacement of the underperformed HP slate 7 (photo above) though no official word from HP confirms this. The specs however are definately an upgrade from the Slate 7 right from the memory to the operating system version.

On the specs side NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip will be running at 1.8GHz, much better than what HP did with the dual-core Cortex A9 found in the Slate 7. Speculations point out that the device will come with a 1600×1200 resolution display, 2GB of RAM, a 5,000 mAh batter, a microSD card slot, 8” screen and will run Android 4.2.2.Jumping back to the display its quite obvious that the 250ppi will definately provide the users with one display that will be worth the pricing that will come tagged with the HP Slate 8 Pro having in mind the good ratings that the NVIDIA chip has.

The release date to this device is yet to be announced officially and it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the specs may have a slight change or have new and better specs bundled up in the HP Slate 8 Pro. With a cloudy knowledge on most of the features at this point it’s not easy to rightfully “over-judge” on the specs especially the connectivity features. Whatever the case, its definate that HP has to step up with its specs as far as competition is concerned having in mind that  Samsung and the Google Nexus family has a good grasp of the Tablet market not forgetting Windows.