Android gained 5% at the expense of iOS in Q2, Samsung up by 9%


gartner-q2-2013-08-14-01It’s no surprise that iOS is gradually losing ground in the smartphone market, primarily due to a total lack of innovation from Apple, not to mention their same designs which barely evolved over the course of those last couple of years. Yet we constantly hear about Android achieving major milestones almost every months or so.

According to IDC Android not only managed to grab 80% of the smartphone market share in Q2 2013 but maintained its leading position well ahead of its competitors. As smartphones shipments displaced features phones Android continued to nibble iOS and further push BlackBerry on the verge on extinction. The latest statistics from Gartner strongly corroborate the figures pointed out by IDC:

Android lept from 74.4% to 79% during Q1 2013 while iOS saw a sharp decline from its prominent 18.2% to just 14.2%. – And of course this change is attributed Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant helped the whole platform by shipping 6.4 million more smartphones this quarter while Apple sold 6.6 million less over Q1 2013. In a whole Samsung managed to snatch 9% of the marketshare from its rivals, something that isn’t quite surprising due to wild range of Galaxy device out there.

via Engadget