Sony DSC-QX10 and DCS-QX100 mobile device lenses leak


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Mobile device OEMs have concentrated more on the camera of their devices,their overall performance as well and nifty new features such as being waterproof and dust-proof,but it seems there’s a raging camera war that keeps getting escalated with each new device.You’ve heard about the Samsung galaxy zoom,probably even the Lumia 1020 too,chances are you heard about their awesome camera capabilities,and if you’re a budding photographer,you would definitely want one,well Sony just gave you another option to explore.

First there were mild rumors about these lenses,with mockups all over the inter-webs,but with time,the rumors have become stronger,and finally there’s an image that backs up these rumors.

Sony Alpha rumors received this tip,the cameras are basically standalone cameras,housed within the lenses,just using your phone as a viewfinder,this gives your phone a huge upgrade in camera performance.Dubbed the DSC-QX10 and DCS QX100,they are reported to be packing their own Bionz processor, built-in sensor, SD Card slot,NFC and WiFi.They rely on your phone as a viewfinder to control their actions beyond normal zoom.

lolOf the two models,the larger one,utilizes the same sensor as the RX100 which in turn means, a 1-inch 20MP sensor, f/1.8 Carl Zeiss glass.The smaller of the two shooters utilizes the same optics as  Sony’s consumer-grade WX150.(an18.5MP sensor,and 10x zoom lens.)The lenses seem to attach to the phone using a magnetic clamp.The one above is the “Sony Lens G” variant,which packs the 18M