Pacific Rim Android Game Review



Since the dawn of the gaming era, game publishers have been continuously releasing movie-derived games. Now, in a world where mobile gaming really takes off to be the most popular way of entertainment, coming up with a movie-inspired game has become a popular trend. One after an other, they seem to just pop up from nowhere and the pace is getting faster and faster. But, what has this brief introduction to do with the main article? It’s just an ordinary game review after all, but is it because we just get to see these games so often, or is it because today’s main subject is yet another game to go along with a same-called movie? We must admit the latter is probably the more precise answer and to finally get to business, we present you, our fellow reader, Pacific Rim, an action game that once again reminds us that these movie-based games can be so fun and successful, you would even consider again if the movie was that good once you pick it up and get into the plot.


To begin, Pacific Rim is an action-fighting game where only you are in control of Earth’s most high-tech robots dubbed Jaegers and you are needed to take care of Earth’s safety by fighting seemingly endless waves of the Kaiju monsters. The battles occur in various landmarks, such as the endless oceans of Earth, or in the busy streets of San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge showing up in behind. So, better get over with it as fast as possible, because time is short and Earth’s only hope is YOU: the “monster” who needs to fight the monsters.