Meet the experts behind ARM big.LITTLE in a Google+ hangout tomorrow



A  bunch of experts from ARM will be hosting a live Google + hangout on Wednesday August 14 (that’s tomorrow) to discuss about the ARM big.LITTLE design in more details. The hangout will involve the participation of a designer who worked on the design as well as an ARM software engineer

The event will be centered about the in-depth technical aspects of the design architecture and how the implementation achieves the desired level of efficiency in embedded systems. The panelist will basically talk about how big.LITTLE processing works internally (core switching and scheduling at the kernel level), software considerations, the mechanisms available (e.g IKS vs GTS), observed performance outcomes and quite possibly the status of upstream [Linaro] IKS/GTS patches that will eventually make it into mainline Linux.


A typical SoC system diagram using big.LITTLE

So be prepared and tune to the event page tomorrow at 11:30AM ET. A a recorded version will appear on the ARMflix YouTube channel shorty afterwards if you can’t make attend the event. You can check out ARM’s page on Google+ for more information.

The event is over, here’s a quick overview of the three main models: