LG G2 launch suffers setback in Korea as marketing stunt injures 20


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Less than a week ago LG G2 took the media space by storm as they officially launched what most would agree as a smartphone that was above par with the rest as far as the specs and design was concerned as we had earlier reported .The launch which took place at the Frederick P. Rose Hall, New York was one that was at a standard most would agree as international, but two days later followed a public event in Seoul that ended tragically.

The event dubbed “G in the cloud” involved the launch of hundreds of helium gas-filled balloons into the air tagged with vouchers with free handsets in an open ground with hundreds if not thousands of the public scrambling to get a hold of the free gifts. What followed is a stampede and the injury of 20 members of public, as some made use of BB guns and spear-like objects to shoot down the balloons ending up missing and hitting their counterpats. The unprecedented event lead to the cancellation of similar events that were to follow across South Korea as this was an LG thought-through event. In its social responsibility mandate therefore LG pledged to cover the medical costs of those injured as confirmed by this official statement as confirmed by The Korea Times.

“We will provide them with proper medical treatment as we are responsible for the event,”

The failure has been blamed on the poor security presence, checks and poor voucher distribution strategy. This is a big blow to the LG Company as the scheduled country events would have boosted the sales of the LG G2 in their home country as the first week from the launch usually sets the needed trend to hit the set targets.