Some Nexus 7 units prone to touchsreen issues


Nexus 7 factory images

Google has been working hard to eliminate the list of problems which plagued the original Nexus 7 when its successor was being designed. It however happens that some new Nexus 7 units are suffering from erratic touchscreen, as if that wasn’t enough to add to the busted GPS woes.

Disgruntled users have taken it to the Google product forums where Google is expected to respond. The problem seems to be affecting a wild number of 16 & 32GB units as PhoneArena quotes ” Our tipster… was able to procure a replacement tablet. But it turns out that this tablet, like a host of others, is having problems with the touchscreen”.

Issues range from so called ‘ghost taps’ to erratic behavior from the glass. As suggested by a Googler in the thread users can check whether any Apps might be the root cause by rebooting their tablets in safe mode but that’s hardly a fix if the issue is hardware related. In that case you should procure yourself a replacement tablet or wait for any potential fix from Google. (We doubt it)

Google might come up with a fix the issue however turns out to be a ROM/kernel issue (with the touchscreen libs), but only time will tell.