Nexus 7 Factory Images and Binaries finally available to public


Nexus 7 factory images

This week has been an eventful one on the Nexus 7(2013) Tablet going by the fact that  the factory images and binaries had been withheld going against the Opensource community agreements thanks to Qualcomm for denying Google the permission to release the binaries as covered earlier  by our team. Well a different light is now shining on the matter thanks to Qualcomm’s decision to let Google finally make the factory images for Razor Nexus 7 public() and same to the Nexus 7 binaries for Android 4.3(JSS15J) .

Our earlier report  brought to the fact table how AOSP guru Jean-Baptiste Queru (JBQ) quit his job for greener pastures in Google and how his six month frustration built up to his recent actions of finally throwing the towel. A petition was then started at that required 23,589 digital signatures to soften Qualcomm stand and by the time of writing this article the signatures were a little under the 1,500 mark. The facts behind Google and Qualcomm’s move is still unknown but we have reason to believe that we the online community had a little to do with it if not everything. But it looks like Google managed to post the files needed by Nexus 7 (2013) owners and developers as should have had in the beginning and now custom ROM development can finally take off.

What isn’t clear however is whether or not JBQ will be staying on at the Android Open Source Project but we will keep you updated across out media platforms.