7-inch NVIDIA Tegra Tab Leaks


NVIDIA_Tegra_Tab_Leak_01NVIDIA is really having a hard time spreading its Tegra 4 processor through the market, especially because there’s the giant Qualcomm standing in front of them with its army of Snapdragon-powered tablets and smartphones. But NVIDIA may be taking the work into their own hands by building a tablet line-up sporting their Tegra processor. We spotted a 7-inch NVIDIA Tegra Tab in the wild, sporting the familiar SHIELD-like design and the powerful 1,8GHz Tegra 4 processor.

The Tegra Tab, as seen above, features a textured back cover with its name embedded in it. A 5MP camera is also on-board, along with the usual ports plus an HDMI. Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo showing its front, but we guess they can’t do much different than the competition.

Specs-wise, the only other thing we know is its display resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It’s relatively low judging by today’s standards, but NVIDIA is obviously trying to keep the price as low as possible, and the display category is the one that suffers here.

NVIDIA Tegra Tab camera
NVIDIA Tegra Tab camera

Nothing is official on this case yet, and we would surely like to hear a word or two from NVIDIA. We will keep you informed as we find out more about this device.