Anomaly 2 coming soon to Android (Trailer)


Anomaly 2

With two Anomaly titles already on Google Play store — Anomaly Korea and Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, 11 bit studios prepares to bring a third title to Android devices pretty soon called Anomaly 2.

Anomaly 2 and all previous ones are tower offense games, and not tower defense, which means that instead of defending your towers and units, you’ll be going onto offensive to try to take down the enemy.

The sequel will bring tanks and units that can transform into armored mechs, yeah like those we see in the TV Series Falling Skies, which expands the level of in-game strategy. Another important feature included in Anomaly 2 title, is the multiplayer 1 vs 1 game mode, where one player plays on the defense, while the second player goes to offensive.

Anomaly 2 is expected to hit Google Play store this autumn, meanwhile you can bathe your eyes with the official trailer of the game.

via DroidGamers