Vodafone 4G expected to launch August 29th


Vodafone 4G

Vodafone UK will throw its hat into the 4G arena by launching Vodafone 4G on August 29th, the same day rivals O2 will be launching their 4G network.

Both Vodafone and O2 are almost a year behind current 4GLTE providers EE, who have been running their 4G network successfully since December 2012 and have expanded aggressively since to include, according to their website, 95 towns and cities (60% of the UK population).

In contrast, Vodafone will launch only in the capital on the day of launch. O2, however, will launch in London, Leeds and Bradford. Both companies have made claims they will spread and expand fast, with Voadafone claiming to cover a further twelve cities by the end of the year.

Vodafone also announced that their 4G plans will be available on Monday 12th August ahead of the launch. Vodafone “Red 4G” will offer double their existing data to the standard Red plans, which means you’ll be able to get 2GB, 4GB or 8GB worth of data.
Customers with an existing 4G phone will be able to upgrade to a 4G plan for only £5 a month and get  three months unlimited data on a “Data Test Drive”.
Sim only plans will start at £26 ($40/€30) per month with 2GB worth of data and cost as high as £36 ($50/€40) per month with 8GB of data.
4G plans with a device attached will start at £34 ($53/€40) per month for 2GB of data and climb to a whopping £57 ($88/€66) per month with 8GB data, so they won’t be undercutting EE by any significant margin yet.

Vodafone also announced it would be giving customers who chose a Red 4G plan the ability to have either a free premium account of the popular music streaming service Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile so you can watch the game or racing anywhere you are (within London, anyway). This is a wise move, since EE already offers it’s customers free streaming over it’s network.

We will certainly learn more about both Vodafone’s and O2’s plans as the day draws closer, but till then, let us know if you will be upgrading to Vodafone Red 4G if you’re with them already, or will you be moving from EE?