LG not planning to make a Google Edition LG G2



Google Edition versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One handsets have been making the rounds lately. Well LG has confirmed via Android Community that it has no plans to launch a Google edition of its recently unveiled flagship, the LG G2.

As of right now, LG doesn’t have any plans for a Google Play Edition. The focus for the G2 is penetration through carriers. That however could change down the road.” –Ken Hong, LG PR

Google Edition devices sure do impress with their almost stock versions of Android without the cumbersome manufacturer bloatware but it looks that LG won’t quite be adopting that philosophy. The South Korean giant will instead focus on features which will according to them enhance user experience and by bringing the handset to over over 100 different carriers all around the globe.

A plausible explanation for this might be that LG is already prepping the Nexus 4 successor which could likely be based on the LG G2, but that’s pure speculation for now.

An Android 4.3-powered G2 would make a lot of fans out there jump into the LG bandwagon but that isn’t going to happen. As a matter of fact the PR did mention that ‘That however could change down the road” indicating that they’re not entirely ruling out that possibility.