Enhance and Maximize Lockscreen Widgets on your droid with Xposed Module


Capture3Lock screen widgets,useful tools that have made our android devices easy and to an extent better to use.They have improved with time,with each new flavor of android bringing in new widgets,and different OEMs also creating and utilizing some in their own customizations of android,(think Samsung Touchwiz and HTC Sense) especially on the lock screen,you don’t need to unlock your device to change the song,get information or even read a text message.

However,as useful as they are,they are somewhat limited to their functionality,depending on the size accorded to the device.Well,if you like tinkering with your android device,there’s a solution given to us by XDA Senior Member Mohammad AG,who  has the perfect solution with his Xposed module.

Well,first,you must have heard about Xposed framework in order to realize its potential and usefulness.Basically,Xposed framework allows modifications (known as Xposed modules) to be made to any app or element of the OS itself by simply coding the desired change, packing it into its own APK, and installing to the device.You can modify part of your devices coding to bring out the desired effect that you might have in mind.Its a solution to installing custom ROMs,but that’s an article for another day.

Utilizing Mohammad’s Xposed module,it allows for lock screen widgets to be maximized so that they are able to display more information at a glance,which is pretty awesome and useful.On the XDA post,its stated “that it’s already been tested on the Galaxy S 4 and HTC One, but it should be compatible with all 4.2-based devices.”Its a pretty neat module that should definitely come in handy,if you’re in to such.

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via XDA.