Acer TA272HUL NVIDIA Tegra 4-Packing High-Resolution Tablet Appears on GFXBench


Acer TA272HUL

A new Acer tablet familiar by the name¬†TA272HUL leaked on GFXBenchmark’s site, exposing its specs to the world, as well as the scores it managed to achieve throughout the test.

The Acer TA272HUL has a fresh NVIDIA Tegra 4 beating at 1,8GHz under the hood, which is one of the top choices available nowadays. It also includes a high-res display of 2560 x 1376 pixels resolution (the height is compromised by the navigation bar), the norm for high-end tablets. We also know it runs on Android 4.2.2 Jellybean, the second-latest Android flavor at the moment.

Performance-wise, the TA272HUL managed to ice some of its main competitors in some occasions (read: Nexus 10, Xperia Tablet Z), but it still comes short of the iPad 4. That said, we must note that the unit that took place in the test is just that – a test unit, so the raw performance may improve once Acer finalizes its device.