Moto X-Like Active Display Notifications Now Available To Any Android-4.3-And-Up-Running Device



The Moto X has one unique feature that makes every other device out there jealous: the Active Display notifications. Basically, the screen lights up to show an important notification when received, while keeping the battery consumption as low as it gets thanks to the efficient AMOLED display of its own. Now that feature is available to anyone that happens to be running Android 4.3 on his device thanks to XDA Senior Member niko001 and his versatile app ActiveNotifications.

ActiveNotifications mimics the previously described feature of the Moto X to the very detail, while also providing extended customization options and a few enhancements here and there. Hence, the dev has gone so far that he even imported the feature to prevent the screen from lighting up when the device is in your pocket or flipped over.

There’s a bump, however. Your device needs to have an AMOLED display in order to be power-efficient, because of the way they work. Currently the app has been tested to work on the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition running official Android 4.3 builds. The creator implied that backwards compatibility may be added if the app gains interest over the following period.

If you want to experience a new and fresh way of handling notifications, don’t hesitate to download this free app from Google Play Store or the XDA Developers Forum, if you prefer. Here’s a quick preview filmed by Robert Olejnik:

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