LG G2 press shots breaks cover confirming fingerprint scanner & trackpad


lg g2 press

With the scheduled official launch set for later in the day, yet another leak has surfaced confirming the earlier blueprints that had surfaced about the LG G2 smartphone.@eveleaks has snagged a couple of LG G2 press shots of a device that matches the reported in covert photos, video, a leaked manual and promotional shots with the image giving us a more clearer view of the 5.2-inch hardware side of the phone.

The photo also confirms the 4G LTE capabilities as far as network connectivity is concerned on the notifications area of the phone and a clearer view of the backside giving a shot of the volume keys and power button that separates the two buttons. The 1080p display HD screen which could potentially be the world’s thinnest Full HD panel also comes out clear depicted from the crystal clear image displayed by the LG G2 display screen.

LG G2 is also rumoured to be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor to match the HD front screen display that will come with complementing Quick-window that will allow users to view selected content through a cut-out window in the front panel of the Phablet that has now come to life clearly confirming this with the digital clock that is believed to occupy that exact space. This image doesn’t quite reveal a lot as far as the specs are concerned but keep it Pocketdroid (dot) net for updates as we cover the official launch later in the day.