Latest Google Play store 4.3.10 APK now available for download



Google is pushing out a new ‘Touch to update’ for their Google Play store v4.3.10 application and it comes with some changes in the UI. The first significant change is in My Apps – Installed section, where we now have a Recently updated tab which comes in handy to those users that have a lot of apps installed on their device. The second change comes within the notification bar, where instead of listing each updated app individually, now it combines all together in just one line, say goodbye to the really long list of notifications in the notification bar wehn updating your apps.

Play Books section received a slight change as well, we are now able to see the full list prices as well as the new cut off price of each book. Some changes have been made in the Movies & TV section, where Buy button now sits on top of the Rent button and there is no Wallet logo anymore.

Download Google Play store 4.3.10 APK

via XDA