Samsung and HTC releases Google Edition kernel source code


Nexus experience

Both Samsung and HTC have released Google Edition kernel source code for their Galaxy S4 and HTC One phones with Nexus-like user experience.While its not really a surprise, since its legally required for manufacturers to make the kernel source available, under licence agreement.

What’s interesting is that the kernel source code is Android 4.3. No ones complaining, and it portends that 4.3 will soon be released to those devices. Both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 havent gotten 4.3 as yet,but will soon do. The official HTC twitter handle tweeted about it too.

The kernel isnt enough to start off building a custom ROM since its just kernel bits. We’ve seen more and more OEMs supporting developers, such as Sony who included their Xperia Tablet Z to AOSP. While it is admirable, updates still arent as fast as one would expect (unless you’re a nexus owner), but as time progresses, hopefully updates will be faster and seamless, as Google tries to tackle fragmentation, which has been one too many times the but of numerous Apple developer conference jokes. Check out HTCs repository.

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